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BMW OEM HUD Heads-Up Display Retrofit Kit



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Easily the coolest and most exciting OEM BMW retrofit kit of all time. Owners have asked for it for years and BMW finally listened and made it happen!

This is a BMW Head-Up Display (HUD) retrofit kit for many of the current and generation (and even some of the last generation) BMW models. The full list appears below, but essentially this amazing OEM kit will allow you to add a very sophisticated and dynamic HUD to the dashboard of your BMW that either didn’t have it or couldn’t have it if it hadn’t been an option for your particular model. Here’s what BMW has to say about it:

Driving Assistance:

“The BMW Head-Up Screen is a new and innovative product, which shows various vehicle information as well as navigation information on a transparent screen. Consequently, all information are with the driver’s direct field of vision. There is no need for the driver to take the eyes away from the street; he can read all relevant information at any time. Almost all BMW vehicles can be upgraded with the BMW Head-Up Screen.”


“The BMW Head-Up-Screen has an integrated smartphone interface. Using the associated Head-Up Screen app, the settings of the screen such as setting of luminosity, activation, and deactivation of various functions can be performed or the navigation app can be started comfortably. Both the Head-Up Screen app are available free of charge and for both operating systems iOS and Android.”

The following models are indicated as being compatible though many more may be as well:

E81/E82/E87/E87 LCI/ E88 1 Series

F20/F20 LCI/F21/F21 LCI 1 Series

F22/F23/F45 2 Series

E90/E90 LCI/E91/E91 LCI/E92/E92 LCI/E93/E93 LCI 3 Series

F30/F31/F34 3 Series

F32/F33/F36 4 Series

F80/E82/F83 M3/M4

F10/F10 LCI/F11/F11 LCI 5 Series

E84 X1

F25 X3

F26 X4

*HUD kits are brand new, factory kits in original BMW packaging*

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