Range Rover 2010 Supercharged Front End Conversion Kit

This is a 2010 Supercharged Range Rover genuine Land Rover front end conversion kit.



This is a 2010 Supercharged Range Rover genuine Land Rover front end conversion kit. If you’re interested in giving your 2003-2009 Range Rover a “facelift” then this kit is going to make it happen for you. Well, we’ve confirmed that this can and has been done, and now are making this enhancement available to the market. We know which items you need and can provide them for you. Some rewiring will have to be done, so if you’re not experienced with that kind of work, you may want to have a professional work on at least that element of it, but we will provide you with an overview of what needs to take place in order to make this transition successful.

*NOTE: If you have a 2003-2005 model please note that the fenders are different so you’ll have to modify or replace yours with the 2006+ style. Also, you will have some additional body work to do (including shortening your air filter box) to the brackets holding in your headlamps.*

Here’s what’s included in this kit:

2010 Front Bumper Cover (Primed – Must be painted) – this is the version with the PDC sensor cutouts and foglamp circles

2010 SUPERCHARGED Grille – Comes with the chrome inlay and black and silver Land Rover insignia

2010 Headlamp Assemblies – this version is for bi-xenon headlights with the adaptive function (if you have a 2003-2005 model you may have to do some additional tweaking to get the adaptive feature to function properly)

2010 Bumper Air Dams & Trims – Visible styling accents for the 2010
All Necessary Bumper Hardware

2010 Headlamp Washer Jets and Hose

2010 Foglamps and Trims

Headlamp Wiring Adapters & Resistors

All items included in the kit will be brand new, in original Land Rover packaging, and please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery

*IMPORTANT: This is a “kit” in the sense that it provides every necessary component you’ll need to perform the retrofit. However, much modification is needed for a 2003-2005, and it is quite the undertaking. I can provide you with general directions with regard to what needs to be done, but you will need a capable body specialist to perform the retrofit.*


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