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100% Positive feedback with over 29K Items sold
100% Positive feedback with over 29K Items sold

Range Rover OEM L322 2005-2012 Venture Cam and Rear Mounted Camera Kit Brand New

Original price $2,192.14 - Original price $2,192.14
Original price
$2,192.14 - $2,192.14
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Starting with the 2005 L322 Range Rover in Europe, a quirky yet insanely provacative and popular factory accessory was offered as a factory option.  The item is called VENTURE CAM.  Venture Cam is a wireless camera which transmits an image of the outside terrain to your touch screen NAV system.  The idea is to allow the offroad driver to view what he or she is about to encounter as the Range Rover conquers the opposing terrain.  One of the neatest things about Venture Cam is that it comes with a heavy duty suction mounting unit which allows you to change its location for optimal viewing assistance.

The items included in this kit are as follows:

Portable Venture Cam Docking Station for Cam Suction Mounting Device Camera Holder Rear Spoiler Mounted Parking Camera Holder for Parking Camera

Also available if your truck is already equipped with a rear spoiler mounted parking camera is a kit excluding that piece and its holder.  This is only relevant if your Range already possesses it as I know many North American 2006 models already do, or if it's not important to you.  That said, it's not necessary for using the Venture Cam system.  If you would like it, however, it's listed in the 2003 and newer Range Rover category in our store.

IMPORTANT: This is a European accessory which has not been offered by Land Rover North America to its market.  As with any European accessory, caveat emptor applies, as you may need to find someone with specialized knowledge of electrical components for Land Rover models.  My guarantee provides that you will be given the items presented in this listing, but I am an importer, not a technician.  I vow to get you these items in brand new, factory condition, but from there, I do not provide a guarantee that it will work with your Rover.  Beyond that, with regard to 2003 and 2004 models, I have no idea if this will be compatible.  My guess is no, because in 2005 Range Rover was outfitted with a brand new touch screen NAV system with completely new technology.

INSIDE INFO WORTH REVIEWING:  To make it work in a US vehicle, you will need to add in four wires (12V, ground, and 2 CAN connections) and a coax cable for the video. Then you need to update the car-config file to turn on the control function in the touch-screen display.  It may be possible to do this with the dealer diagnostics but as it's not an option for the US market, it may be necessary to select another market.

Shipping automatically includes insurance for full value of goods.

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