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100% Positive feedback with over 29K Items sold
100% Positive feedback with over 29K Items sold

Range Rover 2003-2004 Color Coded Mirror Back Trim NEW

Original price $399.95 - Original price $399.95
Original price
$399.95 - $399.95
Current price $399.95
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This listing is for a brand new genuine Land Rover pair of professionally painted color coded side mirror backs for a Land Rover Range Rover (G Cat) 2003-2004 model.  This is a great way to dress up a highly visible but frequently overlooked component of your truck.  Your side mirrors are fairly sizeable and stand out from the front and side, but they're black.  If your Rover is black, then you probably don't mind too much.  However, if it's a different color, would it not be nice to have them match your body paint?  This provides a great opportunity for customization.  Here's your chance.  This a very unique, niche accessory upgrade you can outfit your Range with without having to get too involved.  We have contracted locally with a professional and use genuine Land Rover paint to create the match.  This promotes  a more monochromatic look for your Rover.  Installation is simple and assistance is offered if needed.  These are brand new and come in genuine Land Rover packaging.

Shown in the picture is a mirror back in Brunel Grey on a black Range Rover and the other is in Chawton White.  Please indicate your color code and description when placing your order.

Please note:  We also offer Brunel Grey (the color of your trim pieces:  side vents, door handles, tailgate trim, etc.) Enhancement package (mirror backs and fog lamp surrounds) if you'd prefer to go that route.  Please click on the link below to locate those pieces.

If you like the look of this upgrade, you may also enjoy some of our other Range Rover enhancements which you can find by clicking on the link to our store below and then going to the "Range Rover 4.4 G Cat" category on the lefthand side.

Please email me with any questions or inquiries for additional parts and/or accessories you'd like posted on eBay.  You may also call us at


Check out our extensive selection of great Rover parts and accessories by going to our store:

Thanks for looking!

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