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100% Positive feedback with over 29K Items sold
100% Positive feedback with over 29K Items sold

Range Rover Custom Carbon Black Interior Trim Kit

Original price $3,749.95 - Original price $3,749.95
Original price
$3,749.95 - $3,749.95
Current price $3,749.95
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This listing presents one of the most impactful and dramatic interior enhancements you can acquire for your Land Rover Range Rover 2003 and newer.  A 10 Piece Custom Carbon Black Interior Trim Kit.  This is a compelling and severe statement which you can have your interior make which will not likely be duplicated by many other Range Rover owners.  It's an investment, but a sound one in the part of the truck you see the most.

Included are the following pieces:

Left Air Vent Right Air Vent Left Upper Center Dash Right Upper Center Dash Left Lower Center Dash Right Lower Center Dash Driver's Door Pocket Front Passenger's Door Pocket Driver's Side Rear Door Pocket Rear Passenger Side Door Pocket

These are custom kits which will affix to your existing interior.

CORES NEEDED:  These are custom pieces transformed from your existing trim kits.  At the time of purchase a fully refundable $1200 deposit will be taken (in addition to the sale price) and then fully refunded once we receive your 10 original cores.

IMPORTANT:  Please indicate the model year of your Rover when ordering as there is a slight difference between the 03/04 models and 05/06 models.

We have other attractive interior options for your Range Rover, you can access them by clicking on the link below and then clicking on the "Range Rover 2003 and Newer" category on the left hand side in our store.

Please email me with any questions or inquiries for additional parts and/or accessories you'd like posted on eBay.  You may also give us a call at


Check out our extensive selection of great Rover parts and accessories by going to our store:

Thanks for looking!

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